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The Bond of Chaos and Magic
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Eggman Empire of Equestria Ch.13

Enter the Eggman Elite
Gamma, with the guidance of the Mane Six and their dragon Spike, has much learned much from traveling through different parts of Equestria. He has been to three places. The Crystal Empire to meet Princess Cadence and her husband in Shining Armor, Twilight's brother. Canterlot to gain the honorary audience with the Pony Sisters of Princesss Celestia and Princess Luna, and down south of Ponyville to Appleoosa. His souvenirs are a halberd he got from visiting the guards of the royal palace and bushels of apples from Applejack's cousin, Braeburn. Though Gamma can't really eat them, he gave the apples to the Mane Six and Spike. It was a three-days trip altogether before they came back home in Ponyville on the fourth day.
At the same time, Doctor Eggman has been looking through Gamma's visual to pinpoint strategic locations. He sent his bee-sized spies in these regions and planted cameras, along with those un-visited in parts o
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Whatever work of art I'd like to add to my Favorites collection.
Lots of things going on. More so in the entertainment industry than my personal life.

I am sadly still addicted to playing Fallout 4 as of now. Hence it's why I'm not that very active recently.

I have a lot of ideas for commissions, but they will have to wait. The artist I usually asked for my gallery is on vacation until the end of July.

Sonic Stuff
I had a bunch to say whenever something Sonic-related comes up. I couldn't in the past because of Fallout, the alternate history, post-apocalypse Massachusetts with Skyrim gameplay.

Fist Bump theme by Hoobastank. It's been a while since I heard that band name. I remember hearing their song, Crawling in the Dark, used in a Sonic X AMV in the Putfile video website. Before there was Youtube, there's Putfile whose information can be seen in wikipedia on how they've been offline since 2009.

Sonic Archie. I guess it's finally true. SEGA cut off ties with Archie, and they will have to look for other comics in the meantime. I hope it will be IDW so we can have the Sonic MLP crossover. I do hope that if such an occasion were to happen, Shadow could officially at least share a good amount of screentime with Twilight and not Pinkie and/or Sunset Shimmer; Twilight not being with Sonic, Tails, and/or Silver. Though I can see panels of Twilight and Tails talking about portal devices and scientific theories, I really want to see her with Shadow in good relations.

Infinite character. He'll be voiced by Liam O'Brien. I best remember him as the protagonist, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, in the dub of the best-written manga/anime Monster. I can also hear a bit of Caius Ballad from the FFXIII trilogy in Infinte.

They finally bring up more lyrical songs in Sonic Forces. It's been a while since the Adventure era that they have vocal music. They haven't done much somewhere around Generations when they mostly did non-lyrical gaming background music.

Chester Bennington -Linkin Park
I'm not exactly a big fan, but I first heard and enjoyed Linkin Park from One Piece AMVs in Putfile. Most of the songs I've listened from the AMVs were from the album, Hybrid Theory, along with Breaking the Habit and Numb. I've added them in my mp3 players in the past to smartphones in the present.

And I was just listening to them while I was playing Fallout 4. Hearing the news of the singer's death, it's just as shocking to me as it is to almost all the people I'm watching in dA.

Core Membership
One person in dA is nice enough to give me one for a month. The reason being is because of the comics I've commissioned. And it is now ending. Sad I know, though I don't really see much differences without the Core. Only that I can see non-invisible users who came by my account, and this will no longer be so.
  • Listening to: In the End
  • Playing: Fallout 4
  • Eating: Junk Food
  • Drinking: Carbonated Water

Journal History


I was hoping Adam West would made it passed age 90 like Stan Lee. Sad that it happened just yesterday when I wasn't aware of the news.

TV Tropes would call this scene (0:34), Harsher in Hindsight:
I'm 25 years old, going to be 26 this year, and I still never kissed a girl.

One guy kissed me out of sexual harassment and bullying when I was 13. I remember his full name, and I always wanted to feed him and his families to the sharks.
Just saw the story ending of Injustice 2. Apparently there's two. One is canon for a sequel; the other is my favorite.
May the Dark Side be with you...
Ah c'mon! I can't be the only one thinking it.
I was walking from 7-Eleven to home at night when suddenly a hooded guy in a skull mask appears. I scream and ran back to the store, asked an employee to check, and see if the coast is clear.

Not sure if that guy is trying to prank me with a jump-scare or mug me. Either way, I probably should buy a wooden sword or kendo shinai when I get the chance.


Vincent Ho
United States
I'm Han Chinese, an ABC (American Born Chinese) living at the Bay Area in California.

Favorite Male Character: Shadow the Hedgehog
Favorite Female Character: Twilight Sparkle

I generally don't take things seriously unless it's a political and social issue or if you decided to be my enemy.

I have a tendency to prefer villains over heroes. I also like anti-heroes. If I do like a good guy, they had to have something I have in common with. For heroines, they just have to be awesome.

If you were to read any Russian Literature, I would recommend reading their short stories before reading huge books like War and Peace or Crime and Punishment ^^;

As Shadow and Twilight are usually everyone's favorite, I formed a group dedicated to them :iconshadowxtwilight:. If you like Shadow, Twilight, both, or Sonic/MLP crossovers, join up! :D

TwilightXShadow Stamp by Honey-PawStep ShadowxTwilight Sparkle stamp by DivineSpiritual

And I do love crossover ships:
Crossover Stamp by lady-warrior
OTP Sense stamp by Fairy-Red-Hime
Fanfiction and Pairings Stamp by FallenAngelAerith




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Tsuki222 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Thanks for the watch!
FerrumFlos1st Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Indeed, you are very welcome. :pat:

Glad to know I'm not the only one getting tired of the 'SJW' label towards the political left in the US.
Tsuki222 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Yeah, it's basically the red scare mark II, were any leftist or progressive atttude is called SJW...
FerrumFlos1st Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Not sure if you can call it the Red Scare in the US. I understand that the political left internationally is usually identified with the color red. Here in the US, the left-wing is blue; the right-wing is red.

I tend to favor the left because I'm still sore about the Bush Administration in the past decade when I was a teenager hearing the news. Under Obama, the GOP (Republicans call themselves this) Congress almost always hinder whatever Obama proposes despite his good intentions. Though the likely reason why I favor the liberals is probably because I'm born and raised in California, where immigrants of all backgrounds are welcome; with me being born from Chinese immigrants. Apparently that makes us SJWs when we in California are helping migrants to settle in, gain citizenship, attend school, and find a job.
Hi, I'm planning on making a fanfic on FIM fiction and I've been told you could possibly help make some cover art for me. If you agree, can you make something like this:…
Except sonic is being chased by the mane 6 and other mares?
FerrumFlos1st Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017
Who told you that I could draw?

In my gallery of Sonic and MLP crossovers, and I always say in the description, "IMPORTANT: I did not make this. It is a commission I asked, permissible to post at my discretion.

I usually ask Idolnya for art commissions, and she is currently on vacation until the end of July. You could try SoulEaterSaku90.


Word of advice, I highly would not recommend posting your fanfic on fimfiction. They usually don't like Sonic crossovers. Post your fanfic here in deviantART or
sonicandmario826 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
You gotta see the new Forces trailer TRUST ME!!!
FerrumFlos1st Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Alright alright. Let's see here.

Yes yes! Shadow is here! But ah crap, he's likely a rival boss instead of playable. I'll stick with a mod or dlc. Is that supposed to be Mephiles, a fusion of him and Time Eater, or someone else entirely?
sonicandmario826 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Well at least it looks like Shadow is actually important to the story this time and also YES Chaos is BACK!!!
FerrumFlos1st Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2017
Probably not, like in previous Sonic Generations he's merely an obstacle, a rival testing the Sonics and the OC, or a mind-controlled pawn of the final villain.
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