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Whatever work of art I'd like to add to my Favorites collection.
This time, instead watching it from my DVR or googling the episodes, I've finally gotten the guts to the watch it on television and on time like I used to for Saturday mornings cartoons; and those were about 10-15 years ago.

I'll start with off Sonic Boom, since that came first hours before MLP.

Eggman has gathered all the self-proclaim villains and antagonists of Sonic Boom: Dave the Intern and his useless Lightning Bolt Society, the circus ringmaster T.W. Barker and his circus bears, and Charlie from the previous episode of Knuckles totally ruining his life unto supervillainy. Of all the Boom-exclusive recruits, Charlie the Ancients archaeologist is the only one capable on his own. The others in the Lightning Bolt and TW Barker had to use Eggman's weaponry and technology. Strange that they didn't add Justin Beaver's brainwashing producer, and he's probably just as unskilled as the Lightning Bolts; and we've got plenty of pathetic villains as it is, excluding Charlie whose backstory is our catharsis towards Boom Knuckles' stupidity.

So this is pretty much Eggman's Evil Council of Doom, where all the villains (not really) plot evil while majority of the time do nothing productive to humor the audience and fans, like the villains sharing their love of cheese and not crackers. Meanwhile, Sonic and his friends help set up Amy's Scandinavian furniture, only to do poorly at menial tasks that doesn't involve fan-servicing story plots and action-packed...ah you get the idea.

He's late, now he's finally arrived! DUN DUN DUN!
Shadow the Hedgehog baby! And that's wayy before Justin Bieber ruins the word, baby. [link]
"He's only the second most popular in the whole canon!" Eggman breaks the fourth wall.

We get cutaways back-and-forth from Eggman's attempt on team building to Sonic's bad improvisation on the bookshelf than filing a complaint to IKEA. Shadow, most of the time, plays the Straight Man when the villains don't do much other than play children's games in trust falls and passing imaginary balls...Anywho, Shadow get pissed at the incompetency of the Boom villains cast and Chaos Teleports out of here. In the meantime, Eggman decides to do productive procedures in laying out the tactics and robot functions for each villain.

After Team Sonic fails at their furniture, Eggman attacks with his Egg-mobile and giant robot. This time with better strategy: remove each member away from Sonic. The robotic bee pilot attacks Tails's bi-plane, the Lightning Bolts stole Lady Walrus's purse to get Amy and Sticks's attention and Dave and the circus bears ambush them, and TW Barker attacks an ice cream stand to combat Knuckles with the Octopus Bot. For Sonic, it's just Eggman, his giant robot, Charlie and his Ancient mech, and an army of Motobugs and Buzz Bombers. Eggman almost wins, only for Sonic to improvise with his poorly designed furniture to do a homing attack on Charlie's mech, who then collides with the Giant Robot and both of them short-circuited. Guess Ancient tech don't work well with Eggman's. Sonic jumps on the Egg Mobile and has cornered Eggman a chance to surrender. But then Shadow intervenes! Shadow fanservice! The egg-shaped doctor is just as excited as us seeing him, only for Shadow to knock the Egg Mobile in the air. Both Shadow and Sonic do their frequent speed and homing attacks while Eggman sits on the sideline asking if he could help Shadow. The black hedgehog dismisses the doctor as a nuisance, only to get launched into a wooden building by Sonic. Shadow backs up, grabs Sonic, do a Seismic Toss, and landing and breaking Sonic's bad furniture.
"Hey we worked all day on that!" Sonic complains.
"Your shoddy craftsmanship brings shame to all hedgehog-kind, for that you shall perish." Shadow responds before teleporting to Sonic, uppercutting, and dive kicking him to the ground crater. Okay, wait what? Shadow's judging him for poorly making a bookshelf? Are hedgehogs supposed to be natural carpenters? All hedgehog-kind? So does that mean that Shadow is no longer the artificially, created Ultimate Lifeform then? All these the Sonic Boom writers don't have time to cover for a 10-13 minute episode.

Eggman celebrates as a victory for his team. He takes a quick selfie shown in the past previews with Shadow, only to blind the black hedgehog and Sonic strikes upon quick reflex. At the same time, Sonic Team beats the other villains. Shadow berates the doctor for ruining his chance at beating his foe, so Shadow does his 90's villain farewell of, "Next time" and Chaos Controls himself out. Team Sonic then plays volleyball using Eggman on his Eggmobile. The episode ends with Cubot & Orbot breaking the 4th wall for next season.

In conclusion, I'll focus on Shadow's voice. Kirk Thornton sounds like he's struggling to sound like the past Shadows in David Humphrey and Jason Griffith, though he seems to align himself more to Humphrey. Instead of sounding like Jin from Samurai Champloo, which would've been just as cool, he's starting to sound like old man Saix struggling to wake up in the morning. He does sound cool when he doing his grunts and attacks.

Waiting hours after Sonic Boom, it's MLP turn with an episode focusing on Twilight and Fluttershy. Fangasm with me being ShadTwi over seeing both episodes of one with Shadow and another Twilight.

Fluttershy has her own book club with her animals and a bear (still creeped out by personal experience) until her Cutie Mark finally calls to her. She goes to the Castle and Twilight also got the signal. With that, Twilight goes Batman-crazy prepared with potential friendship skills and reports, files, research, books, and sources of their next mission, The Smokey Mountains; which is an allusion to America's Rocky Mountains. There it's supposedly a beautiful viewpoint between two mountain peaks. When they got there via hot-air balloon, it becomes a battleground for the Hoofields and McColts, parody of America's Hatfields vs. McCoys. Granted I'm not entirely familiar with the real-life family feud as not I'm not fluent in American folklore that doesn't involve California or American Politics.

The Hooffields are farmers with an abundance of food used as ammunition for their catapults and cannons at the McColts. They have no skill in building, so their shelters are very shoddy as Amy's bookshelves. The McColts are craftsmen, fluent in architecture and fortification against the Hooffields. Their sources of food comes from either traveling faraway to shop or being attacked by the Hooffields' food fighting. Twilight tries to do a ceasefire, using magic to amplify her voice between the two mountain peaks (which is neat), only to be left unheard with the unrelenting fighting. Neither side seems to know how it started out, only they remember recent times on how they each sabotaged each other. Twilight wants to do peace, only to have the Hooffields deceptively build a large, apology cake as their Trojan Horse/Red Wedding. I'm not too famaliar with Game of Thrones, but I've seen plenty of parodies and fan outbursts from the internet to see where this is going. So the fight goes again, only with more cartoon violence and less graphic for a show suited for ages 7 and up.

Twilight feels hopeless. She brags of being the Princess of Friendship recently, as much as Shadow does with his Ultimate Lifeform status, which only made them more fatally flawed; which is good because it's realistic that way, and which is why I like them. Pride comes before the fall after all (I can't believed I didn't understand then when I was 9. I was too into Pokemon & Yugioh at the time). Fluttershy has been trying care of the animals caught in the fighting. Thanks to her animal communication skills, the animals knew how all the fighting started and why the Smokey Mountains isn't what it claims to be in the books. Twilight stops the fighting with her levitational freeze spell, which strains her because she's limited and used to lifting six of her friends. There Fluttershy tells the animals' story dating back to the first Hooffield and McColt. There the founding forebears of each family were best of friends and wanted to help the animals and the ecosystem of Smokey Mountains. Both have different approach with Hoofield wanting to feed animals and McColt wanting to build shelters for them. They go their separate ways, only to come back and fight over a same piece of land they were working for farming and building. Since then, the two have been at each others' throats and sabotaging each others' work until they brought in the whole family business over the mountain peaks, only for the later generations to forget what the fighting was about. From there, the current families hold a truce and began working together to help preserve the environment in friendship.

(sighs) If only conflicts were easy to resolve like this in real-life. Politics going on about on who should be in charge of the government, and the bloodshed going on in the world. Real-life will never be will be like a children's cartoon. :depressed:

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United States
I'm Han Chinese, an ABC (American Born Chinese) living at the Bay Area in California.

Favorite Male Character: Shadow the Hedgehog
Favorite Female Character: Twilight Sparkle

I generally don't take things seriously unless it's a political and social issue or if you decided to be my enemy.

I have a tendency to prefer villains over heroes. I also like anti-heroes. If I do like a good guy, they had to have something I have in common with. For heroines, they just have to be awesome.

If you were to read any Russian Literature, I would recommend reading their short stories before reading huge books like War and Peace or Crime and Punishment ^^;

Whether should I reveal my identity and full name, only time will tell.

As Shadow and Twilight are usually everyone's favorite, I formed a group dedicated to them :iconshadowxtwilight:. If you like Shadow, Twilight, both, or Sonic/MLP crossovers, join up! :D

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