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The Bond of Chaos and Magic
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Whatever work of art I'd like to add to my Favorites collection.
Word Count: 3000+

It's been slow, and I've only recently worked on the chapter after excessively playing iOS and PC games. This chapter requires a lot of scientific explanations and facts from both sides of Sonic and MLP, not to mention a lot of action scenes and...(sighs)...more dialogues. If I keep up the good work, I may get passed 5500+ word count record.

Both Sonic and MLP facts have some plot holes in them, and I look through some scenes, replays, comics, books, and wikias to understand some. And when they were never properly explained in any portrayal, it is up to my imaginations to come up with one.

I've been thinking. I should work on my fanfic more often. It feels more productive than playing video games. I'm unemployed, so I have all the time in the world. At the same time, this can develop my skills in writing, and this in turn can be a valuable, communicating skill in the future; especially when I don't really talk well as much as I write.


Another thing thing to note is my personal health in dieting.

Back at high school, I used to weigh about 140 lbs and can run a mile in 6 minutes thanks to being in the cross-country team. Then around college, I've stopped exercising, began eating junk food more often, and I end up weighing about 210 lbs. This is concerning because the food I'm eat have large amounts of cholesterol and this increases my triglyceride levels. I may be at risk of heart attacks, liver damages, and diabetes if I keep up my eating habits for the next decades; and family genetics aren't much help with my dad side suffering from diabetes due to the family history of consumption on white rice. 

So now I'm dieting. I take 5 miles of walking everyday, eat only Subway sandwichs, and eat fast food at least one a week. My efforts has led me to losing 10 lbs, of which I am now at 200 lbs.

All that sounds good. At the same time, I don't really feel energized as much when I eat fast food, probably not enough energy and motivation to write. Of course, those junk food contain large amounts of fat and calories. They are essential energy sources for the human body, but I can't have too many lest I'll be risking my health.
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Piano music
  • Reading: Sonic MLP research materials
  • Playing: Final Fantasy Record Keeper
  • Eating: Subway
  • Drinking: energy drinks


United States
I'm Han Chinese, an ABC (American Born Chinese) living at the Bay Area in California.

Favorite Male Character: Shadow the Hedgehog
Favorite Female Character: Twilight Sparkle

I generally don't take things seriously unless it's a political and social issue or if you decided to be my enemy.

I have a tendency to prefer villains over heroes. I also like anti-heroes. If I do like a good guy, they had to have something I have in common with. For heroines, they just have to be awesome.

If you were to read any Russian Literature, I would recommend reading their short stories before reading huge books like War and Peace or Crime and Punishment ^^;

Whether should I reveal my identity and full name, only time will tell.

As Shadow and Twilight are usually everyone's favorite, I formed a group dedicated to them :iconshadowxtwilight:. If you like Shadow, Twilight, both, or Sonic/MLP crossovers, join up! :D

TwilightXShadow Stamp by Honey-PawStepShadowxTwilight Sparkle stamp by DivineSpiritual

And I do love crossover ships:
Crossover Stamp by lady-warrior

Never will I pair Shadow with my least favorite of the Mane Six:
Anti ShadowXPinkie Pie Stamp by SoraJayhawk77

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