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The Bond of Chaos and Magic
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Whatever work of art I'd like to add to my Favorites collection.
What have I been doing as of the day this journal is made?

Word count for the EEE (Eggman Empire of Equestria): 500+
That was two weeks ago and I've only worked on the summary. I haven't done much afterwards because of video games, specifically Civilization V: Brave New World (or Civ5)

I bought the game on Steam when it was on sale at 2014's Black Friday; that was last year btw. At first I didn't bother to play the game because the loading screen takes about 5 minutes. Now I've come back to it, I've been playing 10 hours a day! My nearsightedness is already damaged after playing 2 decades worth of gaming, so I can't stare at the screen for 10 hours straight anymore. Until I can get over my Civ5 addiction, the upcoming chapters will be on hold for a while.

I tried looking out for jobs that fit me. Sadly, those positions chose some other more qualified than me. After my attempts at job finding, I decided to work back at the theaters. They know me well and I have been a reliable worker. Plus I won't have to rely on my parental allowance to buy a Subway sandwich or an unhealthy McDonald's Happy Meal.

One thing made me contemplating over the weeks of the recent episode of MLP, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? There Luna stated that she hasn't forgiven herself for being Nightmare Moon. Self-forgiveness is something I've been thinking about, and this is coming from someone who barely forgives at all.
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  • Listening to: Rock
  • Reading: Byzantine History
  • Playing: Civ5
  • Eating: Subway
  • Drinking: energy drinks


United States
I'm Han Chinese, an ABC (American Born Chinese) living at the Bay Area in California.

Favorite Male Character: Shadow the Hedgehog
Favorite Female Character: Twilight Sparkle

I generally don't take things seriously unless it's a political and social issue or if you decided to be my enemy.

I have a tendency to prefer villains over heroes. I also like anti-heroes. If I do like a good guy, they had to have something I have in common with. For heroines, they just have to be awesome.

If you were to read any Russian Literature, I would recommend reading their short stories before reading huge books like War and Peace or Crime and Punishment ^^;

Whether should I reveal my identity and full name, only time will tell.

As Shadow and Twilight are usually everyone's favorite, I formed a group dedicated to them :iconshadowxtwilight:. If you like Shadow, Twilight, both, or Sonic/MLP crossovers, join up! :D

TwilightXShadow Stamp by Honey-PawStepShadowxTwilight Sparkle stamp by DivineSpiritual

And I do love crossover ships:
Crossover Stamp by lady-warrior

Never will I pair Shadow with my least favorite of the Mane Six:
Anti ShadowXPinkie Pie Stamp by SoraJayhawk77

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good news dude, DC got another victoryy
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I knew Superman would still win. I just wish the same could be said for other DC characters where not one of them got their first win.
Mordecaiser123 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
well to satisfy you, superman defeated thor in canon, darkseid almost killed silver surfer with ease in canon while fighting galactus
kosv01 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thx a lot for the watch and fav.
FerrumFlos1st Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015
I love looking at historical works, so you've earn yourself a watch. :)
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ooo yes...coming soon ShadowPie
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